The Firm

Mollot & Hardy, Inc. is a financial planning firm established in 1970 by Alan R. Mollot, CLU & CFP.

Our fiduciary wealth advisors work collaboratively, utilizing our combined 140+ years of experience. We design strategically sound financial plans and monitor them throughout market cycles.

A well-developed plan is the foundation of a successful financial future, and we value the opportunity to positively impact our clients’ lives.

The Advisors

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to work with a fiduciary planner?

As fiduciaries, we have a legal responsibility to put our clients’ interests before our own. We advocate for you- even when this results in a reduced compensation for us. In short, we prioritize our clients above all else.

We urge you to protect your financial future by choosing an wealth advisor who is held to the fiduciary standard.

What are your fees?

There is no charge for our initial consultation. Likewise, we do not charge to present you with a financial plan.

All fees are determined and discussed prior to investing with us. We believe transparency is the foundation of a solid client/advisor partnership.

What differentiates you from other firms?

Our wealth advisors have a combined 140+ years of experience with expertise is in the areas of wealth management, tax strategies, life insurance, and estate planning. When designing personalized financial plans, we employ a data-driven investment approach based on Nobel prize winning research.

At Mollot & Hardy, Inc. our clients are valued. We take interest in their goals and care about their futures. Most importantly, we are fiduciary advisors committed to you.

We’re here for you.