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Bryan Castro
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What do you enjoy about wealth management and who do you work with?

On a technical level, I enjoy problem solving and strategizing with my clients to help them plan their financial futures and make prudent decisions. I liken this to chess (one of my hobbies). Every client I work with has a unique situation – their own configuration of pieces on the chess board. Although there are proven strategies and principles of both chess and financial planning, the ability to apply these to a client’s specific circumstances is what makes my work interesting.

On a personal level, the relationships I develop with my clients are the most valuable aspect of what I do. I mainly work with clients who are close to retirement or already enjoying retirement. My goal is to help them navigate complex decisions such as social security, retirement, and estate planning in a way that helps them to feel comfortable and confident. Helping clients reach their financial and retirement goals is incredibly rewarding.

What is your financial planning philosophy?

It’s about knowing where my clients are, understanding where they want to go, and finding a way to help them get there.

I use strategies based on proven principles and always consider my client’s unique goals. As a chess master once told me, “You can do whatever you want, but it should be based on concrete analysis and an understanding of the reality of the situation.” I apply this mentality when I craft solutions for my client’ personal situations and when we plan for their future.

In addition to your education, what other factors have influenced your planning methodology?

Although my specific financial planning process has developed through my career experiences and my education, my analytical approach stemmed from the influence of my parents. They were immigrants from the Philippines who taught me the value of hard work and to be compassionate.

My father was an engineer and was a problem solver, both at work and home. He taught me how to play chess and to think analytically and strategically. Similarly, my mother, in her work as a physician, diagnosed patients through the gathering of information and various medical tests. This is similar to how I approach financial planning: When I work with a client, I listen to them, ask about their aspirations, and analyze their finances before designing a plan for them.

Aside from wealth management, what interests you, and what pastimes do you enjoy?

Family is incredibly important to me. I love my wife and three children with all my heart. We enjoy family vacations and play games like chess and Risk together. I especially love watching my kids participate in sports and musical performances. Of course, I also find our everyday life extremely rewarding, whether it is helping the kids with their homework, watching television as a family, or talking with my wife after work.

Personally, I enjoy strategy games – especially chess. I play in tournaments and have taught my children how to play. I’ve also run chess clubs in the Williamsville School District. Thinking strategically is something I enjoy both at work and play.

I practice martial arts and earned a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I also enjoy running and have completed a couple half marathons.

In addition to chess and athletics, I play the piano. I was a Music minor at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester and had a wonderful instructor. I’m fortunate that my daughter is interested in learning, so I teach her too.

Finally, I’m also active at my church, St. Vincent de Paul in Springbrook. I teach religious education to third graders and try to be a positive influence in my community.


  • B.A. in Psychology with a Minor in Music, University of Rochester
  • M.A. in School Psychology, University at Buffalo

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