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Michael J. Hardy
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You started your career as a Wealth Advisor in 2001, following the technology bust and into the Great Recession of 2008. What kept you going?

I was fortunate to grow my practice during this volatile time in the market. Because of the economic situation, I encountered varying financial situations in a short period time which aided my professional development. What better time to master the fundamentals of wealth management and investing than during the most challenging time in our economy in decades? The experience was an education, and I’m grateful for it because it allows me to better plan for my clients.

I also devoted myself to earning the Certified Financial Planner designation, which helps me build strategies that enable monetary growth while mitigating risk should we face such bear markets again.

What do you do for your clients?

Financial planning is much more than managing investments. It is equally important that I understand my clients’ goals, needs and financial behaviors. Studies in the field of Behavioral Economics suggest that our behaviors influence our financial success even more than markets.

For that reason, I often refer to myself as a “Financial Strategist.” I help clients improve their relationship with money while building, implementing and managing their financial plan. Depending on the client, that may involve retirement, investments, estate planning, insurance coverage, and education.

Who are your clients?

I work with families who are intent on growing their wealth and planning for their future. They trust me to guide them through changing markets and life events, and I take this role seriously.

I also enjoy working with business owners and professionals. I find that their goals are both unique and complex. Being able to offer solutions and be a part of their success is exciting.

My clients are spread throughout the country. Some are local to Buffalo, but I also work virtually with many.

How does being an associate economics professor at Medialle College help you in your field?

It’s vital that I understand both the macro and micro economic environment. This helps to bring perspective and insight to my work and informs all of my professional relationships.

As a professor, I contribute to publications such as Forbes, The Street, Fortune, The Buffalo News, and Yahoo Finance. I believe that both teaching and being a resource for financial publications is a great way to give back. In doing so, I’m able to guide the younger generation and share my knowledge with others.

Tell us a little about your background and your life today?

I grew up in a working-class family in Buffalo. My father was in construction, and I often worked with him during my years at Canisius High School and Canisius College. It’s an experience I value, as he taught me the importance of hard work and honest pay.

I met my wife Maria, who is from Stockholm, Sweden, in 2009. We enjoyed travelling the world together, visiting places in southeast Asia and Africa, before deciding to settle in Clarence Center, NY. Now, we enjoy life with our three children, Juliette, Victoria, and Gabriel.


  • Bachlor Science, Finance, Management, Fine Arts, Canisius College
  • CFP, Holistic Financial Planning, American College

Professional Achievements & Certifications

  • Adjunct Professor of Economics, Medaille College