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Mollot and Hardy Financial Planning Presentation

Watch the Mollot and Hardy Financial Planning Presentation. Learn how different factors such as interest rates or company size affected performance of stock and bond markets.
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Tax Efficiency in Retirement

Will you pay higher taxes in retirement? It’s possible. But that will largely depend on how you generate income. Will it be from working? Will it be from retirement plans? And if it does come from…
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Diversification, Patience, and Consistency

Regardless of how the markets may perform, consider making the following part of your investment philosophy: Diversification. The saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” has some application to investing. Over time, certain asset…
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A Primer on Dividends

When interest rates reach historic lows, some investors turn to dividend-yielding stocks when in search of income-generating investments. When a company makes a profit, that money can be put to two uses: It can be reinvested…
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A Brief History of Estate Taxes

Federal estate taxes have been a source of funding for the federal government almost since the U.S. was founded. In 1797, Congress instituted a system of federal stamps that were required on all wills offered for…
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Last Minute Tips Before Tax Day

The day is coming, Tax Day! This year, the tax deadline has been extended to May 17th due to the ongoing pandemic. The IRS permits contributions to specific accounts for the 2020 tax year before filing,…
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