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Mollot and Hardy Financial Planning Presentation

Watch the Mollot and Hardy Financial Planning Presentation. Learn how different factors such as interest rates or company size affected performance of stock and bond markets.
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What is the Cost of Missing a Market Rebound?

Panic selling is not an investment strategy. Repeat: panic selling is not an investment strategy. Investors who pull the emergency brake and bail out during a market decline almost always lock in a loss on their…
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Stagflation: What Is It and Should You Care?

Phew, what a roller coaster we’ve all been riding. There’s so much going on in the world right now, and a lot of it is less-than-happy news. Understandably, most of us have nagging worries about what’s…
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Mortgages in Retirement

Anyone who has gone through the process of mapping out their retirement knows there can be a lot to keep in mind. Saving, investing, anticipating medical costs, and making sure you have enough tucked away for…
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4 Steps to Protecting a Child with Disabilities

Raising a child is expensive and can cost about a quarter of a million dollars, excluding college. For a child with special needs, that cost can more than double. If you’re the parent of a child…
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Investing for Impact

Many investors are looking to build a portfolio that reflects their socially responsible values while giving them the potential for solid returns. That’s where SRI Investing, Impact Investing, and ESG Investing may play a role. In…
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